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Code Section
18.2-10; 18.2-17; 18.2-31; 19.2-167, et seq.; 53.1-233, 19.2-264.2, et seq.


Effect of Incapacity
Cannot stand trial for criminal offense if insane

Minimum Age


Capital Homicide
Capital offenses include willful, deliberate, premeditated killing: In connection with abduction for extortion of money orĀ  benefit; for hire; committed while confined to state correctional facility; armed robbery; rape, sodomy; law officer for purposes of interfering with official duties; multiple murders; victim in commission of abduction, intended to extort money or for pecuniary benefit; controlled substance; outrageously or want only vile, horrible or inhuman; continuing serious threat to society; willful killing of a pregnant woman by person who knows woman is pregnant; any person under 14 by a person 21 and older; act of terrorism

Method of Execution
Electrocution or by lethal injection

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