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North Carolina

Code Section
14-17; 15A-1001, et seq.; 15A-2000; 122C-313; 15-187


Exempt from execution if insane

Minimum Age
17; no minimum age for first degree murder while serving prison sentence for prior murder or which work on escape from such sentence


Capital Homicide
Capital felony committed by person lawfully incarcerated; previous capital felony convictions; previous felony conviction involving use/threat of violence; avoid lawful arrest or escape from custody; in connection with homicide, rape or sex offense, robbery, arson, burglary, kidnapping or aircraft piracy or bombing; for pecuniary gain; hinder lawful exercise of governmental function or enforcement of laws; victim was law enforcement officer, employee of Corrections Department jailer, fireman, judge or justice, prosecutor, juror or witness while engaged in duties or former; especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel; great risk of death to more than one person; in connection with other crimes of violence against other person(s)

Method of Execution
Lethal injection

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