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New York

Code Section
Penal §60.06; 125.27; Crim. Pro. §400.27; Correction Law §650 et seq.

Yes; for 1st degree murder

Effect of Incapacity
Suspend sentence if insane; if mentally retarded, life sentence without parole or term of imprisonment for class A-I felony of murder in the first degree; stay execution to extent necessary if pregnant

Minimum Age
18 at time of crime


Capital Homicide
Victim was public officer in official duty; victim was employee of state correctional institution in official duty;
defendant was under sentence for a minimum of 15 year or had escaped from confinement or custody; committed an act of terrorism; convicted of 2 class A felonies or class B violent felonies committed on different occasions in 10 year period prior to murder; victim killed to prevent being a witness; for pecuniary gain; multiple victims; defendant acted in an especially cruel or wanton manner; victim killed in furtherance of an act of terrorism

Method of Execution
Lethal injection

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