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New Hampshire

Code Section
630:1, et seq.


Effect of Incapacity
Exempt from execution if pregnant

Minimum Age


Capital Homicide
Intentional murder or infliction of serious bodily injury leading to death; committed by a person already in prison; already convicted of murder; defendant previously been convicted of 2 or more state or federal crimes punishable by terms of imprisonment of more than one year on different occasions involving crimes upon a person or distribution of controlled substances; defendant created grave risk of death to one or more persons during commission of capita murder; murder committed with premeditation and planning; especially heinous, cruel or depraved manner; for pecuniary gain; committed for purpose of escape from lawful custody; victim was particularly vulnerable due to old age, youth or infirmity; victim a law enforcement officer or judicial officer acting in line of duty or when death is caused as a consequence of or in retaliation for such person’s actions in line of duty; multiple victims; while attempting to commit kidnapping

Method of Execution
Lethal injection, or hanging if lethal injection becomes impractical to carry out

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