Code Section
28-105, et seq.; 28-303; 29-2519, et seq.


Effect of Incapacity
If woman convict is found to be pregnant, execution is suspended until she is no longer pregnant; if convict is determined to be mentally incompetent, execution is suspended until competency is restored; not against any person with mental retardation

Minimum Age
18 at time of crime


Capital Homicide
Previous felony conviction involving of violence; multiple victims; for hire, pecuniary gain; defendant hired another to commit murder for defendant; law enforcement official or public servant with custody of defendant; committed to hinder awful exercise of governmental function or enforcement of laws; to conceal crime or identity of person committing crime; offender should have known victim was public servant; especially heinous, atrocious, cruel; created great risk of death to at least several persons

Method of Execution

Inside Nebraska