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Code Section
431.220; 431.240; 532.025; 640.040; 509.040


Effect of Incapacity
Execution suspended if person is insane or pregnant with child until restored to sanity or delivered of child

Minimum Age

Kidnapping if victim not released alive or dies later or caused by kidnapping

Capital Homicide
Prior capital offense conviction; substantial history of serious assaultive criminal convictions while committing arson, robbery, burglary, rape, sodomy; knowingly created great risk of death to more than 1 person in a public place; for remuneration; intentional and resulted in multiple deaths; intentional and victim state or local official or police officer in performance of duties; victim had protective order against defendant

Method of Execution
Lethal injection; if received death penalty prior to March 31, 1998, choice between electrocution or lethal injection, lethal injection is default method

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