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Code Section
53a-46a; 53a-54b; 54-100, et seq.

Yes, capital felony

Effect of Incapacity
Suspend sentence

Minimum Age


Capital Homicide
Murder committed in commission of felony; 2 or more prior felonies involving infliction of serious bodily injury; knowingly created grave risk of death to other persons; murder of a police officer, chief inspector in criminal justice, constable performing criminal law duties, special police; especially heinous, cruel, depraved manner; committed for pecuniary gain; murder committed by a kidnapper of kidnap victim either during abduction or before victim can be returned to safety; seller of illegal narcotic if purchaser dies as a result of use of narcotic; murder of person under 16; during commission of 1st degree sex assault; murder of 2 or more persons at the same time or in the course of a single transaction; murder committed by one who was under sentence of life imprisonment at time of murder

Method of Execution
Lethal injection by a continuous intravenous injection of a substance or substances sufficient to cause death

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