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Code Section
CALIFORNIA Pen. Code §§37; 190, et seq.;§§3604, et seq.; §§3700, et seq.

Yes, if crime is 1st degree murder with enumerated special circumstances

Effect of Incapacity
If defendant found insane at any time prior to execution, the execution is suspended. Upon recovery, execution is rescheduled

Minimum Age


Capital Homicide
Murder committed for financial gain; previously convicted of first/second degree murder; multiple murders in same proceeding; bomb, explosives, grave risk; for purposes of avoiding lawful arrest or attempt to escape lawful custody;murder intentional and involved the infliction of torture; intentional killing of peace officer, federal law officer/agent,fireman in performance of duties, and defendant should have known or knew official status of victim; victim was a juror in any court of record in local, state, or federal system in any state and the murder was intentionally carried out in retaliation or prevention of the victim’s official duties; the murder was intentional and perpetrated by means of a firearm being discharged from a motor vehicle intentionally at another outside the vehicle with intent to kill; witness of crime intentionally killed to prevent retaliatory testimony at criminal proceeding; retaliation against judge or former judge of this state or any other state, prosecutor, etc.; state officials or officials of any local government of this state or any other state for reasons relating to their office; lying in wait; especially cruel, atrocious, heinous; racial; committed along with robbery, kidnapping, rape, sodomy, oral copulation, burglary, performance of a lewd act upon a child under the age of 14; arson, train wrecking; carjacking; intentionally poisoned; mayhem; rape by instrument; member of a street gang murdering to further activities of the gang

Method of Execution
Lethal gas or lethal injection, but if defendant fails to choose, lethal injection

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